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Deoxys: A special announcement so you know we are still pretty much alive. The 12th movie just came out, with Arceus in it ...
Mewtwo: pheh...
Deoxys: And there is going to be a 13th... wow, that's a big number. Also, we have an announcement from our .... leader

GsLucky: Thanks for the spot ' w'. Oh, hi there people! We are just starting to move things along again, hope you don't mind the mess. Also, considering the option of becoming a group, I've just submitted my form to make the ChaosBrosClub a group of it's own. So you can expect more pretty things along the way ^ ^. It'll be awesome. Also, do please support us by giving us more art and things, oh, and if you can... a sub.. but that's asking just too much right? ^ ^;
Anyways! Thanks to all the loyal followers and.. .see ya soon!

Deoxys: yeah yeah... nice... Oh, and BTW... I expect you to get HG/SS... just for the kicks
Mewtwo: I heard you can get me in there... but try not using a Masterball, that's just plain lame
Deoxys: ... you are lame...
Mewtwo:... shut up...

            :blahblah: Rulz!! :blahblah:
:pokeball:You must love us.... (Mewtwo: am... well, not to much I guess ^^;)
:pokeball:Must also support all the other 349 pkmn left....
:pokeball:No adult stuff (Deoxys: he's not too ready to see that kind of things...)
:pokeball:Must send a note to join (Deoxys: or send a comment... our trainer will spot them
Mewtwo: But... I guess the note won't be so bad...)
:pokeball:After joining you must put the icon in the journal  (Deoxys: so other people can come and worship us...
Mewtwo: Am.... no ¬_¬(), although, don't forget to add us to your devwatch oks?

: iconchaosbrosclub : <--icon for your journal
: devchaosbrosclub : <-- signature... heh..

Deoxys: And please write them with no space.... (can you belive the amount of people that... oh... forget it ¬¬ )

And the basic stuff (Deoxys: I had it with the rulz!!)


Fouder of the site : :icongslucky:
Coofunders: Us... though... she's really the coofunder...¬_¬
Slaves (I mean... helpers):
*Chief of Security :iconfusionwarrior:
*News and Contest assistant :iconjmac32here:


Insert stuff here


:deviation:Submit stuff:work:
Mewtwo: since our trainer is not psychic... you should send a note...., or coment about it, firstly will put it in the "favorites" section, we'll later find how to put it in the gallery...



Pocket Monster Clubs

Pocket Monster games or other videogames</i>

Other Anime and Series

Random Clubs

Listed on

Yes.... everything is going perfectly.... we shall rule the world!!!!... nothing can stop our power!!!!!! :evillaugh: :evillaugh:


Suggestions for a more Active Club

[Star!] Deoxys: What can we do to make this club much more active?
Mewtwo: Dunno, any suggestions?
Deoxys: Mmmm, that sounds great!. Please do feedback this club so we can do better stuff. Send us your wacky contests ideas, your cool art and also come along and say hi
Mewtwo: ..... Ok, that also...
Deoxys: Thanks also for letting us reach 9k! Kewl [w00t!]

General Info 4 submitting art <-----

Deoxys: Goddamit... [deviantART] does it again.....
Mewtwo: Huh?
Deoxys: We cannot have any favs anymore... how are we supposed to flush all our favies???
Mewtwo: I don't have a clue...
Deoxys: Listen up you....*points to people* if you have a fav with us... and you want it to be submited officially in our page, please note us so we can put it here...
Other wise... we can say our butts goodbye...
Mewtwo: You know... you don't have to be rude...¬_¬()
Deoxys: God!!! you've become sissy!!! O_O()
Mewtwo: You don't want to make me angry... do ya?? ¬¬

About the Watermarks

Mewtwo: Considering that most of our followers are human and that basically they don't really learn things at the first sight, I've decided to place watermarks in all works. That's right... in all of them.
That way... you have the perfect excuse to go to the real owner and view it's prized and beloved art, as well as to fave it
Deoxys: About time....
Mewtwo: Like you could do it ¬¬....


Deoxys: Well... that's it for today... oh.. by the way, it's good to recommend us...
Mewtwo: See you later [EVIL Laughter!]

THE CHAOS BROS HAS SPOKEN! [EVIL Laughter!]   [EVIL Laughter!]
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  • Reading: Pokemon Manga
  • Watching: Pokemon Battle Revolution Battles...
  • Playing: Pokemon Platinum
  • Eating: Poffins, lots of them . . .
  • Drinking: Soda Pop
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Mewtwo and Deoxis of course..
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O_O... when did that happened????....
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could u plz affiliate us? ^___^U
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Sure, will do it rigth away :evillaugh: :evillaugh:
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Just asking *watches fellow worshipers and looks for an answer*

Mewtwo: Ok.... _ _ () *feels kinda ignored*
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ello fello culbies ^^
setos-scythergirl Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2005
i shall join you! *sends note* im a huge mewtwo and deoxys fan!
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para todos los artistas de este sitio, quien esten interesado en paticipar en mi club de fans de la serie animada titeuf y puedan hacer dibujos y comic eroticos o normales de esta serie que vayan a mi avatar, los dibujos de alto erotismo seran puesto solo en el grupo yahoo que soy tambien modelador y los dibujos tipo normales y no eroticos se pondran en el grupo yahoo y en deviantart como favorito de mi sitio, espero vuestro apoyo, hasta luego.
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Hi there, would you like to affiliate?
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I would like to join!
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